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When you come in to the school ....

The reception room (normally a school staff room) is on your left. You should find Elizabeth our Secretary and David our Chairman\Librarian awaiting members’ arrival. Giles or Michael may be on Treasurer duty.


Arrangement of the Hall

We usually have two rows of chairs for choir.   Altos are at the far end nearest the stage, then Basses then Tenors.  Sopranos are at the end nearer the entrance.  When we finish on Sunday could you help put the chairs in piles of 8 and leave them in the main body of the Hall, or allow others to do so?



These are in the corridor adjacent to the hall (leading off the Main Reception area), and in the long corridor parallel to the car park.


What to bring.

Please bring a pencil and a rubber as well as your music. You will need these if you use hired copies. See section below about food and drink.




You could buy your own copies of the choral scores or make arrangements with our Chairman\Librarian to buy through him. He will do so if you obtain and return an Order Form to him in good time.  Breitkopf edition is preferred.  

(David Houston  '  01425 656 283)


You may be able to borrow hired copies when the librarian has them available.


You could obtain your own free copies by downloading and printing from the internet.


There are two sites you could use.

Cantatas as sheet music are available at :   


If you have a problem with your printing you could contact the webmaster who might be able to help.


The four masses on the programme are only available to download written

in the C Clef and F/Bass Clef [].  

Otherwise members will have to purchase copies.


If Christopher Brown produces his own edition of a work, it will be available

for sale at the weekend,


Recordings: The Librarian has all the cantatas on CD, for hire @ £1.50 per CD.


Enquiries: Librarian & Chairman: Mr David Houston, 9 Victoria Road, Fordingbridge,

Hampshire SP6 1DD    01425 656 283



Lunch & Tea

We have to be totally self-sufficient regarding food etc.  There are 3 rooms available for eating and drinking: the room adjacent to the Hall (with small kitchen and kettle), and two classrooms at the far end of the long corridor parallel to the car park, one on the ground floor and the one above it on the 1st Floor.


Bring & Share Lunch (Sunday of May weekend  only)

Finger food only.  It is also helpful if quiches, cakes, tarts etc are already cut up.  Soft drinks and/or wine also welcome.  Paper plates and plastic cutlery provided.  Please put contributions on the table at the back of the hall. These lunches are very popular!




Singers: £20 per weekend or £50 pa (October, February, May).

Orchestra: £10 per weekend, unless previous arrangements have been made.  

CANTATA NOTES:  9th-10th February 2019

Click the links  to display:              Cantata BWV78        Cantata BWV67