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One of the things new members say when they first arrive is: “I wish I’d known five years ago that this club existed!  

Because all our activities together are packed into six days a year, it’s possible to combine membership with that of almost any other choir or group: a weekend in February, one in May, one in October.  It has to be said that choir members may spend many hours in private study of the cantatas. There is no audition at present, but members practice when possible to improve the overall success of the weekend.

Additionally, the club contains a nerve centre of information on local musical events throughout the south of England: once you join us, you will know what is going on elsewhere!  Our website also has many links to other Bach websites in other parts of the world.

If what we do appeals to you, give us a try. Some choral singers are extremely adaptable, and can get to grips with unfamiliar music quite quickly. Can you?  It’s also a chance to meet like-minded people, and we fit in a lunch party on the Sunday session at the May weekend.


Attendance fee for choir members is £20 each weekend or £50 for the year.


       The Secretary  for  Choral enquiries is 
        Miss Elizabeth Gowers
        Woodleigh,  81 Crofton Park
        Yeovil,  Somerset
       BA21 4EF

      Email:   The Hon Secretary - Elizabeth Gowers