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Dorset Bach Cantata Club



The database lists all 216 of the main cycles of sacred and secular cantatas. This shows the BWV number, the title, the original purpose of the cantata, if known, and the date we first studied the cantata.


The codes displayed below need to be applied when looking at the list of cantatas on the database.





ADS  Advent Sunday

ANNUN Annunciation

AS   Ascension Day

BIR   Birthday Cantata

CC  Circumcision

CCS  Sunday after the Circumcision

CONG Congratulations

COF  Coffee Cantata

COU  Council Election

EA4  Easter - 4th Sunday

ED  Easter Day

EP1  Epiphany 1st Sunday

FNR  Funeral

HOM  Homage to patron

MD  Music Drama (Secular)

NS  Not Specified

PALM Palm Sunday

PEAS Peasant Cantata

PUR  Purification of the BVM

QUINQ Quinquagesima

RF  Reformation Festival

SEPT  Septuagesima

SEXAG Sexagesima

SJD  St John's Day

SMD  St Michael's Day

SUN AS Sunday after Ascension Day

T1  Trinity 1st Sunday after

TS  Trinity Sunday

VIS  Visitation (BVM)

WED  Wedding

WM  Whit Monday

WS  Whit Sunday

WT  Whit Tuesday

XD  Christmas Day

XD3  3rd day of Christmas

XDS  1st Sunday of Christmas